David BartolomiDAVID BARTOLOMI - Photographer

As the top salesman of chocolate bars in my second-grade class, I won an instamatic camera. Worn around my neck, I kept it loaded religiously with black and white film removing it only for sleeping.

The camera gave me permission to enter adult worlds otherwise off limits to children. Its power allowed me startling access to people. I became a recorder of subtext, a human emotion on the inside for 1/500 of a second, worn outside. For me the deeper the experience of intimacy revealed, the more successful the photograph. I slowly evolved into a portraitist.

My first published photo, a portrait of the writer Charles Kaiser, appeared in Vogue magazine. Since then my photography has appeared in numerous editorials including:

New York Magazine, Boston Globe Magazine, Downbeat, Radar, NEST, Vanity Fair, Time-Out NY, Fortune, Travel+Leisure, Interview, MetroSource, Oprah, Time, Newsweek and clients that include, FENDI, HBO, Perry Ellis, John Varvatos and Gucci.

I am currently a freelance photographer living, teaching and working in Manhattan.
Phone: 646-541-8816 david@davidbartolomi.com